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Love Greeting Cards  is a way to get in touch with your inner feelings about the emotions of loving and being loved.Reach out to him/ her with warm, cute and fun ecards
Send Free Online Greeting Cards to your friends & relatives and  express your feelings to them with our collection of ecards.
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Love Songs
Love Songs
Whisper sweet nothings and charm your sweetheart...
Love Notes
Love Notes
Little messages of love to brighten up your sweetheart's mailbox !
I Love You
I Love You
Three magical words... straight from your heart to your sweetheart's...
You Are Special
You Are Special
Warm ecards to make your sweetheart feel really special.

Love Advice About Emotional Availability

  1. If love interest is already in love, breaking up his/her existing relationship is difficult.
    Your love interest, being in a relationship, usually will have less research time to determine whether you are better than their current lover. Also, their break-up costs may be large and your benefit must be great enough to overcome these costs.
  2. People who always need to be in a relationship will less likely find their soulmates.
    Being in relationship makes people comfortable. They do not have to grow and maintain a social network to get dates. People already in relationships are usually too costly for singles to pursue, making these committed people unattractive to singles.
  3. Dreamers are more resistant to falling in love than realists.
    Dreamers may be fantasizing of a soulmate that may not exist. They may hold out and may not commit believing one day they will eventually find their soulmate.
  4. To singles, unattached people, all things equal, are more attractive than attached people.
    The research cost to pursue a person already in a relationship is usually large, because they are usually spending their free time with their current lover allowing less time for you to see them. You will probably have to spend a lot of resources trying to keep the affair a secret. Also, maintenance cost of a relationship with a committed person is also large. Their lover may cause you harm or even kill you if you are caught.
  5. Crack or heroin addicts will have a harder time falling and being in love.
    These drugs work on the pleasure centers of the brain releasing chemicals that produce euphoria. This high may be more pleasurable than love. Maintaining a relationship with an addict will have very high maintenance cost. You have to deal with their withdrawal symptoms and they will probably deplete you of your financial resources to maintain their habits. Usually addicts fall in love with fellow addicts.
Forever Love
Forever Love
Love for your sweetheart is for now & forever. Reach out with these heartfelt messages.
For Your Sweetheart
For Your Sweetheart
Love needs no occasion. Reach out to your sweetheart with these warm messages & let him/ her know how you feel !
Mad About You
Mad About You
Cute, funny messages for your sweetheart... to say you're bonkers 'bout him/ her !
Missing You
Missing You
All alone and blue without your beloved ? Reach out with these warm messages to him/ her & bridge the distance...

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